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Management 101

In the Management 101 Series each of the following modules is designed as a ½ day (3 hour) facilitated workshop to assist managers in experiencing and developing key leadership skills. Each of the 12 modules below can be delivered as a stand-alone module or as part of a comprehensive learning program.

  • Communicating for Results
  • Decision Making
  • Goal Setting
  • Delegating with Style
  • Feedback & its Effect on Performance
  • Leading Effectively
  • Motivation & Delegation
  • Performance Management as A System
  • Planning and Orchestrating Effective Meetings
  • Team Building Using
  • Time Efficiently
  • Valuing Diversity

When delivered as a comprehensive learning program, linkages are made between each module so participants benefit from understanding how each session is a part of the bigger picture of managing and leading effectively. Our belief is that this method for delivery allows for greater retention and application of the material on the job and facilitates lasting changes in behavior.

As a comprehensive learning program, the modules are supported by powerpoint presentation, bullet point notes of key concepts, and measurement instruments including:

  • Assessing Your Communication Skills
  • Assessing Your Decision Making
  • Consensus Decision Worksheet
  • Workplace Diversity Inventory
  • Thinking Preferences
  • Systematic Problem Solving Sheets
  • Leadership Style Inventory

In preparation for each module, participants are requested to complete pre-workshop tasks such as completing a measurement instrument, reading, or bringing real work examples to be used as learning points.