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Dispute Resolution

Is a dispute that’s impeding your progress?

Our coaches can lead you to the best possible outcome with Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mediation.

Unlike traditional negotiation strategies that can leave people feeling dissatisfied, worn out or alienated, ADR and Mediation processes that find mutual gains and in cases where interests conflict, work to develop a result based on mutually agreeable and fair standards independent of the will of either side.

ADR and Mediation allows you to focus on the similarities you share by unpacking the issues and details of your differences so you can move to a common ground. The ease with which you do is directly related to your ability to constructively communicate and positively influence. We take a pragmatic approach to significantly improve your negotiating power. In addition to helping you :

  • Clarify your outcome.
  • Develop options to achieving your outcome.
  • Identify potential areas of agreement.
  • Identify issues to be resolved and develop plans to resolve them.
  • Determine your best alternative to an agreement.

We dovetail the ADR methodology known as Principled Negotiation, developed by Robert Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton of the Harvard Negotiation Project, with practical tips and techniques to improve your communication, rapport and language skills. Gain the confidence to speak with ease and clarity. Be noticed for your ability to create genuine win-win situations. Contact us today for more information on Alternate Dispute Resolution and Mediation. .